Godfrey Allure is an L.A.  based luxury jewelry line  that was established by a husband and wife team, who fell in love with the idea of creating and selling glamorous, price friendly fine jewelry that embodies the Glamour and Glitz of the Golden Age Era.

The couples inspiration is driven by their love for antiquing and their admiration of  the 1920’s and 30’s Art Deco Cinema Period, which was a time when celebrities like Jean Harlow, Carol Lombard, Katharine Hepburn and Barbara Stanwyck, just to name a few, approached fashion with decadence and glamour.  Beautifully worn, exaggerated, sparkly jewelry accessories were a common  addition to everyday wardrobe. That time period was Iconic and its influence is still present today, which is why we create special jewelry pieces and collections for women that appreciate classic, well crafted, timeless jewelry.

Godfrey Allure jewelry is well made! Our selection of high quality fine jewelry features hints from the Art Deco Period paired with today's simplistic... yet edgy, contemporary appeal and style.
Our jewelry is made of  precious sterling (nickel free) (no brass) silver with precision cut  Simulated Diamonds that give the same jaw dropping effect as the jewelry worn by celebrities from Golden Age Era of cinema. We make sure our jewelry feels and looks like it costs thousands, so what you get is well crafted  jewelry that looks Amazing without breaking the bank.

 Our approach to creating a stunning  jewelry line that looks like you spent a fortune, can be worn everyday...even in the pool!

We hope you enjoy our collection!