How to tell silver is real

How to tell silver is real

I wanted to address a certain topic that people often wonder about when purchasing silver jewelry. That topic is, "How to tell silver is real." This is a common question in the jewelry industry and a very reasonable concern for consumers when they're spending money on jewelry sold to them under the guise of real silver. So, the way to tell if the jewelry you are buying is real is by it's marking. It's really that simple! Before you shell out money to buy a piece of jewelry that looks like the real thing, instead examine it first. Pay attention to  quality and how it feels. Look for markings such as; sterling silver, ster, sterling, or value numbers from 800-950. These numbers give you a percentage of silver that particular piece is made from. 

Can you trust markings? Not always. Anyone can mark jewelry these days. The only surefire way to check to see if a piece silver is real would be using nitric acid which I wouldn't recommend under any circumstances. Nitric acid is extremely dangerous and can cause death. So, I recommend finding a reputable jeweler!

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