Classic, Simplistic Silver Necklaces

Classic, Simplistic Silver Necklaces

If you're someone who loves to add silver jewelry to perk up or add sophistication to your wardrobe then this blog was written just for you. 

With so many fads coming in and out of style in the jewelry industry, some us still appreciate timeless, classic pieces that are simplistic and can be worn everyday. These simple pieces complete our wardrobes and bring  a lil extra zhuzh to our outfits. The best thing about a classic silver piece of jewelry is that it doesn't always have to be flashy or showy, but it still gets attention because it never goes out of style... and we all probably have a piece sitting in our jewelry boxes ready to come out and be worn. 

If you're wondering what a Classic, Timeless Silver Necklace looks like, I've posted an example of  one of my favs, The Godfrey Allure Isa, Bezel Set Silver Necklace. It's the perfect necklace for everyday that has just enough sparkle to turn heads.

If you have a Classic, Simplistic piece of jewelry that you wear as an everyday addition to your wardrobe, I'd love to hear about it. Enjoy your jewels!

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